Remixed… Britney Spears “Till The World Ends” (Liam Keegan Club Remix)

It seems to be Britney Spears month around here with all the leaks and Britney news going on.  Since the 2nd single “Till The World Ends” came out I’ve been desperately wanting to here the remixes for the track.  Liam Keegan is the go-to guy for straight forward club remixes.  I never think his remixes are mind-blowing, but I will say that he does do a good club remix.  I’m looking forward to hearing new remixes of this track, I’ve already acquired a few, but nothing that has blown me away.  Check out Liam’s remix below.

Britney Spears – Till The World Ends (Liam Keegan Club Mix)

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Now Hear This… R.E.M. “Walk It Back”

So I just got the new R.E.M. album, Collapse Into Now, which comes out on March 8th.  After a quick first listen I was a little disappointed, but there are a few gems in there.  Overall, I am a big R.E.M. fan.  I think Automatic For the People was underrated and  one of their best albums ever.  Their last few albums haven’t really been as great, but they have always been R.E.M. to the core.  The single stand out track (after just one listening to) was “Walk it Back” which is a fragile, beautifully simple song that reminds me of their Automatic for the People heyday.  I’m going to give the album a few more listens to before I can fully form an opinion, but that’s how it always is with an R.E.M. album.

R.E.M. – Walk It Back

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Now Hear This… Jennifer Lopez “Starting Over”

Jennifer Lopez can’t seem to catch a break in the music world.  Her “Louboutins” arrived flat on it’s ass.  “Fresh Out The Oven” was one of the worst pop songs I’ve heard an established artist produce.  Now comes news that her album (titled Love?) has been pushed back from March 29th to April 11th.  Surely because they don’t want it to be overshadowed by Britney Spears newest album.  “On the Floor” has been the most promising track she has put out in a long time.  This track, “Starting Over”, has been rumored to be one of the songs that made the cut.  It’s not bad, but I don’t think this is the final cut.

Jennifer Lopez – Starting Over

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Remember… Mark Morrison “Return of the Mack” (Guy Gadbois Remix)

Remember Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack”?  I had friends who used to play this song into the ground.  This one-hit-wonder hasn’t done much since his hit came out, but with a modern remix by Guy Gabdois its breathing new life and I’m finding a new appreciation for the track.  This version is smoother and has a great lounge quality to it that the original never had.  Enjoy the track below.

Mark Morrison – Return of the mack (Guy Gadbois Remix)

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Now Hear This… Gwyneth Paltrow (Glee) “Do You Wanna Touch Me?” (Joan Jett Cover)

Gwyneth Paltrow is returning to Glee this Tuesday as substitute teacher Holly Holiday.  Gwyneth’s episode was one of my all time favorites that Glee has put out and I’ve been waiting for her return.  This time she is returning as a sex education substitute who ends up getting pretty fresh with Mr. Schuster.  Her songs in this episode include a cover of Prince’s “Kiss” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”, but it’s her cover of Joan Jett’s “Do You Wanna Touch Me?” that has me smiling from ear to ear.  The song is beyond appropriate for Holly Holiday to sing during sex ed.  It’s raunchy and dirty and I need more Gwyneth!

Gwyneth Paltrow – Do You Wanna Touch Me (Glee)

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Now Hear This… Kim Kardashian “Jam”

Why? Why? Why?  Why did Kim Kardashian feel the need to make music?  Hasn’t she learned the lesson other failed personalities had to?  Look at Heidi Montag, Lindsay Lohan, Tyra Banks, or Kim Zolciak.  Just because you are famous it does not translate into musical success.  I think the song is produced well, but Kim doesn’t have the voice to be a good recording artist.  It sounds like a demo for Jennifer Lopez or the Pussycat Dolls (3 years ago).  Poor thing.  It’s not horrible, but it’s not good either.

Kim Kardashian – Jam

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Now Hear This… Matthew Morrison “Summer Rain”

Oh….Mr. Schuster!  Matthew Morrison is releasing his debut solo album on April 11th and I’ve been curious about what direction he would go in.  Would it sound like Glee?  Would it be show tunes?  But it turns out it is Adult Contemporary.  He’s no dummy.  That’s where he will sell the most records.  His debut single will be “Summer Rain” and it has all the making for a A/C hit.  It’s safe, slightly sexy, evokes a little Jason Mraz, and is about love.  Check out the track below.

Matthew Morrison – Summer Rain

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