Burlesque Soundtrack – Album

The Christina Aguilera dominated soundtrack for her debut movie, Burlesque, comes out on November 22, but the soundtrack finally leaked online.  Christina sings all but a few songs.  If I’m being brutally honest, her tracks sound straight out of her Back To Basics album.  Of course they will fit into the type of movie this will be, but coming from Christina, it’s already been done.  However, there are a few surprises.  Christina’s update take on Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People” is a sugar and spice combination.  Cher, is a revelation (again).  Her opening, “Welcome To Burlesque” is done with class and style and “You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me” could be seen an autobiographical anthem for Cher and she nails both of them.  Looking forward to seeing the movie.  It’s either going to be Showgirls or Chicago.

Welcome To Burlesque 

Somethings Got A Hold On Me 

Tough Lover 


I Am A Good Girl 

Bound to You 

You Haven_t Seen the Last of Me 

A Guy What Takes His Time 

Beautiful People 

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