Now Hear This… Duffy “Endlessly”

Duffy is releasing her sophomore album Endlessly on November 29th.  it’s the follow-up to her successful Rockferry album in 2008.  Her first single “Well, Well, Well” was recently released and has been semi-well received.  Here we have the leaked title track of the new album “Endlessly”.  It’s a beautiful soft, vintage inspired ballad that was even recorded to sound like a record playing instead of being crisp and overly polished.  Duffy does this type of music to perfection.  A 1960’s-esque sound with as much heartache as it has heart in it.

Duffy – Endlessly

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One Response to Now Hear This… Duffy “Endlessly”

  1. whatlist says:

    If the rest of the album is on par with the track, it looks like Duffy has recorded another great album.

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