New Kelly Clarkson “So Far Apart” “Call Me” “I Remember” Demos

Kelly Clarkson is finishing up her next album and has gone on record that she has too many songs to choose from.  Cross your fingers that this will be the return of the Kelly everyone fell in love with.  Her last album, All I Ever Wanted, was a good effort but, let’s be honest, she was not in the best shape to promote the album.  You know it’s bad when all promo picutres of you are ONLY from the waist up and mostly just your face.  I LOVE Kelly Clarkson and I would love to see her return to the fit inshape girl of the “Since U Been Gone” days.  A few demos have surfaced in the making of her new record.  Below are 3 of them.  I will tell you that “So Far Apart” is an exceptional pop ballad and hopefully will land on the album.  The other 2 songs “Call Me” and “I Remember” sound promising and could be great with the right production.  Welcome back Kelly.  Enjoy.

Kelly Clarkson – So Far Apart

Kelly Clarkson – Call Me

Kelly Clarkson – I Remember

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