Mashed Up… Katy Perry vs. Kylie Minogue “Teenage Dream/Get Outta My Way”

I love Mashups.  I do.  I think its great when you can take something you love about one song and blend it with another song to great a totally different sound.  One of my favorite Mashups include ones with Dolly Parton, Laurie Anderson, Eurythmics, Pat Benatar, Art of Noise, and the Beastie Boys.  A crazy Mashup, but it works perfect!  Here is a recent Mashup I came across featuring Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue.  Most you know my love of Kylie Minogue’s newest album so I was happy to find some Mashups of her new music.  Mixed here with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”, it’s a pop gem.  Check it out below.  

Katy Pery vs. Kylie Minogue – Teenage Dream/Get Outta My Way

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