Music Video Hall of Fame: Madonna “Like A Prayer”

It’s hard start a section of this blog called “Music Video Hall of Fame” without including Madonna in the first post.  A pioneer in the music video industry, she practically invented the genre.  At the least, she provoked and pushed the medium into artistic and controversial places that were ahead of the game and, at times, beyond what society was ready to talk about.  “Like A Prayer” is a personal favorite.  Not only is the song amazing, but the controversy!  The controversy!  Madonna dancing in front burning crosses, attempted rape, murder, kissing a black Jesus figure, and being dropped by Pepsi because of it all.  The best part is that Madonna didn’t back down from what kind of artistic statement she was making and refused to change anything about the video and for that we induct Madonna’s  “Like A Prayer” into the Music Video Hall of Fame.

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One Response to Music Video Hall of Fame: Madonna “Like A Prayer”

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