Now Hear This… Jimmy Eat World – Invented – Full Album

Jimmy Eat World has really fallen off the radar in the last few years.  After the success of their mega-hit “The Middle” they really didn’t get any further airplay.  They had a few great songs on that album, but none of them seemed to make any impact.  I’ve harbored a secret love for Jimmy Eat World and have hoped they would be able to make a comeback.  With the release of their new album, Invented on September 28th,  they are hoping to do just that.  They album is good overall, but not great and the comeback album I was hoping for.  That being said, I feel like Jimmy Eat World really prosper when slowed down to heartful, well-crafted ballads.  Stand out tracks for me are “Cut” (a personal favorite that I had to listen to several times in a row!), “Invented”, “Heart Is Hard To Find”, and “Evidence”.  Check out the album below. 

Heart Is Hard To Find

My Best Theory


Higher Devotion


Coffee and Cigarettes 




Action Needs An Audience



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