Moonlighting as… Jasmine Guy “Just Want To Hold You”

OMG.  Does anybody else remember Whitley from A Different World in the 80’s?  She was the stuck up Southern Belle who was too good for everyone except Dwayne Wayne.  Well I do and not only do I remember her from that show, but I also bought her self-titled album she put out in 1991 (I was very young then).  She did an album that actually didn’t do too bad on radio and commercially.  She had the urban hits “Another Like My Lover” and “Try Me” but nothing came close to the ballad “I Just Want To Hold You” (Ahhh…soak in the 90’s sound).  She now has a recurring role on The Vampire Diaries and is still acting, but sadly her music career seemed to have stalled.  So keeping up with my tradition of posting actors who want to be singers I present you Jasmine Guy. Jasmine Guy – I Just Want To Hold You

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