Maroon 5 – Hands All Over – Album

For their third studio album Maroon 5 turned to super-producer John “Mutt” Lange (the mastermind behind the success of Def Leppard and Shania Twain) to help them expand their sound and that he did.  It’s most evident when you hear the song “Out of Goodbyes” a duet with Lady Antebellum.  It’s a blending of a bleeding rock and country ballad and it works on all levels.  That doesn’t mean that Maroon 5 have lost their swagger.  The funk-bass driven “Last Chance” and “Misery” and the disco/rock sounds of “Get Back My Life” and “Give a Little” showcase what the band excels at.  In addition to the Lady Antebellum duet the band also includes a beautiful ballad “Just a Feeling” which is begging to be released as a single (as I’m sure it will be).  Overall the album is pretty expected for Maroon 5, but they push themselves just a little further than their previous efforts and it pays off for them.  Check out the album below and pick up the album when it is released on September 21st. 


Give A Little More


Don’t Know Nothing

Never Gonna Leave This Bed

I Can’t Lie

Hands All Over


Get Back In My Life

Just A Feeling


Out Of Goodbyes (with Lady Antebellum)

Last Chance

No Curtain Call

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