Unreleased… Leona Lewis “Stay”

Leona Lewis’ sophomore album Echo did not do nearly as well as her debut album, which is disappointing because the album is a really strong pop/adult contemporary album.  Her vocals are untouchable.  They are crystal clear and pitch perfect.  Not to mention that the girl is gorgeous.  She has everything it takes to be a gigantic star, but she isn’t.  Why?  This track is a throw away track that never made it to either of her albums.  It’s a mid-tempo track that isn’t really an amazing track, but I will pretty much buy anything she is selling.  I heart her.  Check it out below.  

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One Response to Unreleased… Leona Lewis “Stay”

  1. Amy says:

    Who are you tellin’? I love Miss Lewis to death. My fav song of hers is the cover- The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. Mmmmmmmmm

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