Just for Laughs… Margaret Cho “Lesbian Escalation”

Margaret Cho’s latest album is not a comedy album, at least not entirely.  It’s an album of songs that she collaborated with various songwriters like Fiona Apple, Andrew Bird, and Rachel Yamagata.  I was surprised at how good the album actually is.  It’s raunchy and sweet at the same time and never lets you forget that she is a comedienne first and singer second.  Some songs on the album are touching and soft while other grab you by the funny bone and don’t let go.  Case in point, “Lesbian Escalation” is a hilarious look at stereotypical lesbian relationships that move faster than the speed of sound.  The song points out that they meet and celebrate theri first anniversary on they’re first date and are in couples therapy by day 2.  I couldn’t stop laughing at it and onyl because I’ve know so many people that qualify to be represented in this song!  LOL.  Check it out below and be sure to check out her whole album Cho Dependent

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