Covered… Sia “Oh Father” (Madonna Cover)

Once in a while an artist comes along whose talent is so saturated that I am in awe of it.  Sia is one of those artists.  A true creator at heart she has been able to sing heart wrenching ballads and fun upbeat, borderline pop songs.  Her voice is distinct and can cut you from the inside out with its vulnerability and power.  She can do no wrong.  So when I got her cover of Madonna’s “Oh Father” I almost needed medication.  It’s like putting peanut butter and jelly together for the first time and realizing how great they go together.  Sia’s version of the song is haunting and beautiful.  Not going too dramatic but having the same impact.  I am putting this song on repeat and tuning out everything else.  GREAT cover.  

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2 Responses to Covered… Sia “Oh Father” (Madonna Cover)

  1. WoW….waht a great take on it….so fresh!!!

  2. Mike says:

    I love Sia. Thanks for bringing this to my attention…it’s wonderful.

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