Seen and Heard… Cyndi Lauper – Memphis Blues Tour

8/12/10 House of Blues – Houston, TX.

I’m a Cyndi fan.  I have seen her several times and in several incarnations.  I was there from the beginning when “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” just came out into the mainstream and people were put off by her outlandish style.  One thing will always be said for Cyndi Lauper…She can sing.  I mean really sing!  Which makes this review all the more painful for me to write.

You would think that when you hear that Cyndi’s tour is to promote her blues album “Memphis Blues” you would expect some blues to be played.  You also assume that because she IS Cyndi Lauper you might get a bunch of older material in there as well.  Well, you would be right on both counts, however, you would underestimate the amount of “new” material that was played compared to her classics.

I have seen Cyndi Lauper 3 times in concert before so I felt like I knew what I was getting into.  But this time Cyndi Lauper fell into the trap that a lot of other artists do.  When they go on tour they want to sing only their new material, not taking into consideration that their audience is built on the library of songs from the artist.  Cyndi sang her heart out to the blues all night.  I know she was there to promote her blues record, but I was hoping for a little “She-Bop” or “All Through The Night” to tide me over during the blues-heavy set, but none came.  To be perfectly honest, the show was boring and dull.  We (the crowd) listened through her whole set just hoping and wishing she would bust out some old tunes.  Finally, after her classic-Cyndi-free set as over she returned to the stage for her encore.  Finally!!!  The moment we have all been waiting for….”Change of Heart”, a Cyndi classic.  “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” came next and the crowd was jumping  during the explosive performance.  She played “Time After Time” (one of my favorite song of all time) after that and it was really great to hear the whole crowd sing almost as loud as Cyndi herself.

After a few more songs the show was over and I was left thinking about the evening.  At one point my friend Tracey and I were going to leave the show out of sheer boredom, but decided to stay after we pulled up Cyndi’s set list on our trusty iPhones.  From there we saw that she would indeed play a few hits, but not until the end so we waited.  I’m glad I stayed and saw it through, but in the end the anticipation leading up to the show fell flat with no hits in the mix.

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