Now Hear This… Elsinore “Lines”

I have had this song on repeat for the past 2 hours.  Sick, I know, but once I connect with a song I like to let it soak into my bones.  Elsinore’s “Lines” is one of those songs.  It sounds like it’s been around forever.  The song reminds me of The Beetles “Across the Universe” with a hint of Queen’s theatrics (or at least I get the same feeling when I hear that song).  It actually took a couple of listens to get into it, but it’s well worth it if you do.  If you like what you hear you can purchase their album or single here.  Check out “Lines” below.  

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One Response to Now Hear This… Elsinore “Lines”

  1. Amy says:

    This song it fab-tab!

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